Learning Environment

A well prepared learning environment is very important. Each day is balanced and creative within a learning atmosphere, so that children are encouraged through discovery, to develop social and academic skills at their own pace.

1. Toy Room

The school has a toy room with many edutainment toys to familiarize the children with various concepts and give them a plethora of fun filled activities from day to day.

2. Information and Computer Technology

All the class rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi aided computers and Smart boards to make learning interactive for children.

3. Music Room

Music is one of the major aspects of learning in the formative years. The children are given opportunity to play and learn with music and build awareness of different musical instruments.

4. Library

The school houses a well equipped library with 600 books. Resource material on early childhood and care is updated from time to time for enhancing the professional and personal development of the staff. To develop reading skills, books are given to the children for circulation every week.

5. Sand Pit

Children feel immense pleasure when they play with sand. Keeping in mind this innate nature of the little ones, a sand pit has been created in the school.

 6. Splash pool

Water play is essential for the children’s growth. Ample opportunity is provided to the children to use the splash pool.

 7. Art Room

The creative abilities of the children are brought in foray with colourful paint and art activities. 

 8. Pottery

Molding clay into different shapes and objects help develop the imagination, creativity and aesthetic appreciation of the children along with the fine motor skills.

9. Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is given a lot of importance. Tae kwon do, aerobics and Yoga classes are held to enhance the physical development of the children.